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Follow my blog if you are thinking of a career in nursing, if you are a nurse, or if your mother’s a nurse and you want to know why she swears so much. You don’t even need to be affiliated with nursing or nurses – the medical world is everyones business! I assure you that you will be tickled queasy!

Follow my blog if you’ve just graduated from high school and the pressure is on to choose a career. Nursing Habits tells you exactly what’s wrong with putting your passion on hold! I will tell you about the ups and downs of nursing if it's one of the careers you're considering and the downs of trying to forge a passion in a career you never should have pursued…

Follow my blog if you are a designer who suddenly woke up in a hospital, dressed as a Sexy Nurse.The words "Sexy Nurse" were used solely to get your attention dude 😛 Fully equipped, anal thermometer in one hand, vomit in the other, wondering “Dude! Where’s my computer?!” 

I am not here to bash nursing as a profession. I am here mostly to give you an insightful and funny peek into a truly life-altering career. Nursing TOTALLY ROCKS while it manages to TOTALLY SUCK all at once. Even though I did it for the wrong reasons, I honestly put in my bestest effort ever to be the best temporary nurse and boy has it been a crazy ride!

It wasn't long before the abuse from our South African government and the ever increasing patient nurse ratio (which is a crazy 33 patients to 2 nurses most of the time) pushed me to a quick burn out. I wasn't happy, I was dragging myself to work everyday and my knees and elbows took a good scraping. When I was at work, I felt a knife was being driven into my back when the Matrons would push me around and lie to me. The patients were too many to handle and it hurt me physically, emotionally, psychologically. I couldn't take much of it anymore, so I decided to turn my hobby "Web and Graphics Design" into a full-time career. I am now busy erecting my business along with my boyfriend and business partner Jash.

The purpose of my blog is to help nurses ease/prevent burnout through creativity and any other means possible. It's important that nurses realize the true potential of the internet. Turning a creative hobby into a source of income is very possible these days and I'd like to show you how! This empowers nurses to have the freedom to leave nursing should they reach a point of irreversible burnout like I did.


The blog is divided into 4 categories:

Nurses Station: Blog entries about anything that happens to be on my mind for the day.

Nursing Habits: Season 1: Blog entries written in script-like form that should be read in order from Episode 1 as it tells the story of my nursing days from day 1 till present.

Creativity – I blog about creative ways to ease up and relax, thus preventing/easing nursing burnout and I also tell you how to turn a creative hobby into a source of income.

Nursing Bloopers: Stupid things us nurses do.

"All in all, this blog is simply awesome!" said someone else other than myself.

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