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Sisters are doing it for the money!

I am a web designer turned nurse turning web designer. For the last 5 years I got side-tracked into the wrong profession. All because I didn't know what I wanted to do with myself.  I just took the first study opportunity that came my way. Lady mom told me I could do it until I could afford to go to graphics design school. Are you judging me for being a nurse that did it for the money? Ask yourself this? Would you do it for free? Thought not! (Yes, I’m ignoring those that answered different – not that I don’t love you!)
I did it for the money to become a graphics designer because even though my dad had the money for it, he would never put out – pay a price for my own daughter’s happiness and well-being? Hell no!

But lady mom scraped up her last dime and sent me off to nursing school. Time for the fledgling to learn how to fly. She was convinced it would do me good. It did and it didn’t. Wet behind the ears and just out of high school. I pursued nursing. I grew up (a teensy bit). I didn’t want to grow up but nursing forces you to grow up, though you could get so burnt out that you grow down. Eventually you’re just finding ways to mess with people and confuse the hell out of them.

Moving on! The current situation is this: I am totally burnt out and laughing all the way to resignation, which according to the sticky note on my clip board is exactly 74 days away! 15 December 2010 is R-Day! I am here to renew my passion for web design, hence the blog. In all fairness, someone who is truly passionate about nursing should have my post. I am gracefully stepping down for the good of my poor patients.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not here to bash nursing as a profession. I am here mostly to give you an insightful and funny peek into a truly life-altering career. Nursing TOTALLY ROCKS while it manages to TOTALLY SUCK all at once. Even though I did it for the wrong reasons, I honestly put in my bestest effort ever to be the best temporary nurse I could be, but things happened. Weird things. Things I’d love to elaborate on if you’d care to listen. And if no one out there cares about my stupid little nursing story – fine then!  I’ll just play pretend that it was only intended to be an online diary chronicling my days as a nurse! Because in 74 days, I am outta here baby! Even though I’d be glad to finally leave nursing, I still do want to remember and cherish my nursing days!