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The Grinch who stole lunch.

One thing about nursing is that you come across so many different personalities. I know that it’s helped me learn a lot more about human nature. No matter how politically correct you try to be, there is absolutely no way you’re going to convince me that we’re all the same! That’s just not even possible! Our life experiences, cultural influences and the society we’re exposed to, impact the way we think and behave. For better or worse, you’re not like me, and I’m nothing like you. Nursing definitely teaches you tolerance though. I have developed a pretty good level of tolerance for most personality types. But there are certain personalities that I just don’t mesh with! While I have clashed with conflicting personalities (of patients) here and there, staff members often pose the greater challenge!

One nurse I remember, never failed to catch the scent of food and each and every time I sat down to eat, she’d be right behind me, pretending to be looking for something while she scanned the contents of my lunchbox. She had a knack for destroying my appetite, which could be good for my diet but it doesn’t make it any less annoying! If I didn’t offer anything to her, she’d then make remarks about how hungry she was! Now I really don’t mind sharing, but when I leave home in a hurry, I slap together a sloppy looking sandwich that’s fine for me to eat, but it’s just simply not presentable enough to offer to someone else. I would buy her a bag of chips and she’d be thrilled with it, but not even an hour later, function(seekFood) would be at it again! She’d look inside the fridge, open up OTHER people's lunchboxes, announce that she is dying of hunger (hard to believe), and fill up her bottomless tummy once again. Simply aggravating!

  • mj

    hilarious!! I can’t stand people like that. Forget being pc, get that nose outta ur food!

    • Arkadia

      lol, even worse are those that stare at you when you eat and make comments on your food! Arrgh! lol

  • Milly Naidoo

    Hence,I sit in my car 4 lunch…