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Nurses, it’s okay to quit if you don’t have proper protection during this pandemic!

Covid-19 is a morally confronting moment for healthcare workers. It’s INGRAINED in them to put their patients first and they WANT to uphold the integrity of their profession. They didn’t sign up for an easy job and they aren’t inclined to give up easily when things get really rough but the moment I found out…

Do I ever regret Quitting Nursing?

Do I ever regret Quitting Nursing?

So this is a question that comes up from time to time in conversation – people ask me if I regret quitting nursing. I even find myself asking myself that. The short answer is no. There are however things I do miss about it – I definitely DO NOT miss the backache, headaches and stress. I feel better paid for the work I do now as an online entrepreneur and I do not want to go back to a position or career in which I’m literally breaking my back and getting mistreated by my employers. The stress is absolutely not worth it.

Dealing with people who shame you for quitting nursing.

Have you ever complained about a certain aspect of nursing or contemplated quitting nursing only to find a bunch of people that would shake their heads at you and make you feel ashamed for feeling the way you do? Some common complaints and the judgmental responses you may get: “I don’t get paid enough! I…


Nursing: You can’t live with it, you can kill it!

Many people ask me if I miss nursing since I left. I usually give them the short answer: “Miss it? HA!”, but when I really think of it more carefully the answer is a little more complex. Nursing changes you and once you’ve been there, I am not sure if it’s possible to break out…