Lets get to know each other more!


Hi! If you’re reading this page, it must mean that you’ve already contacted me to let me know that you need help getting away from nursing. It must mean that I’ve also emailed you by now. I get a large number of inquiries from burnt out nurses seeking help. I can only help a select few. The answers you provide here will help me determine if you and I can actually connect with each other and if there’s any way I can actually give you the help you’re looking for. There’s no one-size fits all solution, so it’s vital that I get to know more about you as an individual.

Don’t feel pressured. This isn’t a job interview. There are no right or wrong answers. You won’t have ALL of the answers, just answer the questions the best you can! Don’t answer any questions you are uncomfortable answering. Also just be yourself! Imagine you’re talking to your best friend or sister. Let’s break barriers so we can get right to the thick of it! Remember, I’m a nurse, I’m already connected to your mind because nobody understands a nurse like a nurse can. 🙂