Successful YouTubers


Ray William Johnson – This guy reviews funny viral or home videos and people love it. He is currently one of the most popular guys on YouTube. It’s hard not to think of him when you think of the big YouTubers out there. 

ShayTards – this is just a vlog (video blog = vlog) about a man and his wife and kids and they just record their daily activities and upload it to YouTube for the world to see. The world took a liking to this family and it became one of the most famous shows on YouTube. 

Toby Turner – This is one of my personal favourites. The guy has charisma and a good sense of humour and he adapts it well in several different types of shows. He has a vlog channel and a gaming channel and he recently landed a role in an independent movie. 

Phillip DeFranco – My very first favourite YouTuber, Phillip started out with a news show and later produced several other shows, including his own vlog. All he does is catch his audience up on the latest news, expressing his views and listening to your feedback. 

DeStorm – Rapping for fun and some very creative editing. Guess where he learnt to edit? YouTube! People are teaching people for free. Try it, you got nothing to lose! 

Kassem G – This is also another of my favourites. He is very outspoken, isn’t afraid to curse and not everyone will understand his humour. If you like shadier humour, then this guy will have you in stitches very easily. 

Nice Peter – He just writes funny songs and plays the guitar and his street music with Kassem G gave birth to a hit called “Superman Socks”. You’ve got to watch "Street Music 1" before watching the "Superman Socks" vid though.

Street Music 1: Kassem and Peter have a little argument with this dude with blue socks:

The payoff: Superman Socks 🙂 Fun!

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