Avian Mum vs Human Mum

I came across this YouTube vid of a little robin hatching. The mother robin knows exactly what she’s doing, keeping a watchful eye, guarding and warming her eggs. She attends to the hatched robin like a pro and clears out the empty shells as soon as the baby robin is free from it. Next the baby bird raises its head to the sky, and opens his beak wide to receive food from its parents.

When a human baby is born, it immediately turns its head to the side if you stroke its cheek and it will open its mouth up wide, looking for the nipple. Oddly enough, I’ve met a countless number of new mothers who didn’t know what to do next. I thought humans are supposed to be the superior species? Like any animal, humans have instincts but it seems that we’ve become a lazy spoon-fed society. Mothers have suffocated, drowned, poisoned or dropped their babies by accident and very often the nurses get blamed for it. “There wasn’t enough patient education given.” they say. Yes, I do agree patient education is VITAL but I’d like to know what happened to human instincts nonetheless.

Basic common sense, anyone?



All sounds like common sense to me. Believe it or not, I’ve had to wash babies that were covered head to toe in their own poo because the mother skipped diaper changes a few times through the night. Mothers have unwittingly suffocated their babies while they were sleeping or dropped them because they weren’t careful enough not to leave the baby on an unguarded surface. Some don’t even bother wrapping their newborns in blankets properly before going to sleep. The robin in the video, provided warmth, safety, food and hygiene (bare necessities) to its young and they didn’t need a nurse telling them what to do!


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