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What’s it like starting an online business?

It’s a new world for me, working as a full-time web developer instead of as a nurse who is always aware of the date and time. Time is everything to a nurse. It’s a very orienting routine. In contrast, running an online business doesn’t allow for a set routine. Clients hail from all parts of the world and you want to communicate with them in real time over skype or chat or at least reply to their emails quickly enough to keep them happy. You’ve got to get yourself a good reputation and it starts with good communication skills and flexibility. Time is muddled; you don’t know whether you’re eating breakfast, lunch or supper. You shower at 3 in the morning and you miss entire days, lost in endless hours of code, clicks and keystrokes. I am not complaining though, I love my job but I do find that without a routine, it’s inevitable that you will crash.

stress-and-sleepI find myself either sleeping too much or too little. At times, no matter how much I’ve slept, I can’t keep my eyes open through the night to work. At other times, I could go full days without sleep, which may have certain hallucinatory side-effects that could either be fun or maddening, depending on which side of the insanity meter you’re leaning toward (I think I’d be the laughing type if I was mentally ill *giggles hysterically*).

Your body functions best when it knows what to expect and with my crazy hours, my body is raising some complaints. Aside from the sleep issues, I tend to sit for long hours in one spot straining my shoulder and neck, as the glare of the screen attacks my eyes. When you do this sort of work, time disappears in chunks and you’re stunned half to death when you open a window, expecting a starry black sky but finding rays of sunshine blasting in instead.

The point of this post is not to whine but to put it out there that running an online business has many challenges and it’s a rocky ride while you’re still trying to find a working system but if you have a viable idea for an online business, it’s well worth a go, and it is in fact one of the best ways to make money lately. I recommend that you do your research first though. Too many people jump right into it without much foresight for what to expect and then they crash and burn, giving up on their business prematurely.

I find it a valuable source of information when other people share their experiences on starting an online business. Everyone wants to take shortcuts and no one likes to read, but you’ll find that if you do your homework, you will make less mistakes and your business will flourish faster. So drop the know-it-all attitude and pick up a book, read blogs and forums. Get involved. Ask questions. Cross-reference information. There are answers to all your questions already available to you around the web. Subscribe to my mailing list and I’ll keep you posted on the most valuable online resources I’ve come across, as well as my some of my own experiences as I develop a better system for my online business.

Who knows maybe you could actually quit your nursing job if you’re burnt out with a broken back and a faulty bladder or maybe you could simply supplement your nursing salary and retire whenever you want. The truth is that if you’re truly interested in making extra money and you’re excited about the idea of clicks and keystrokes turning into a gold mine, and most importantly, if you’re willing to dedicate enough time and energy into it, then you’re probably a good fit. My interest falls in web design but there are many other fields you could get into, from selling cookies to affiliate marketing. Subscribe to my mailing list to get free books and guidelines on starting your own online business.

  • Nikita Bahadur

    Hey, hey….how you guys doing? Love the post btw. Miss you guys like crazy!!!Take care. Lotza love.

    • Arkadia

       Boo!! Hugs!!! 😀

  • Sianathebanana

    really inspiring blog! You dont know how much reading this has made my day….

    • Arkadia

      Hi Sian the Banana…your nickname made my day. 🙂 Thanks so much for reading my blog! I have plans to grow this blog into a source of inspiration, support and humor for nurses…subscribe to my blog or like my fb page if you’d like to be here when new life is breathed into Nursing Habits! Would love to hear from you again!

  • Bryan

    I’m still young with a bsn degree and successfully passed my board exam to be an RN but you know what at first i was what typical fresh grads are excited about being a nurse and finally when i had the chance to train It was a nightmare for me.. I was bullied by co’staff nurses i was always shamed by them in front of doctors and I became miserable.. and I wanted to get out of it all.. my real passion was really with computers but my parents wanted me to take up nursing such a sad story but i guess reality is reality and now that I’m out of it i want to find a way to get a job that i really want as long as it is technology based.. I was inspired by you blog thanks!:)

    • Arkadia

       Bryan, that sounds so much like my own story. I was always passionate about computers and for some reason because I was sort of an inconfident teen, when my mom tried to influence my career decisions, I just listened to her instead of trusting my gut and following through with a career in computers…I loved loved loved the internet and found it so fascinating in school, I wanted to know how it all worked and stuff but I didn’t think I could be good at it. Then I went into nursing…and it made me miserable…I was later convinced by my boyfriend to get into web design. I was desperate to get out of nursing and I just started digging into it and learning stuff…trying new things…I started out at the crowdsourcing site and built myself up from there…now I have constant work as a web developer.

      Good news for you is that if you’re passionate about computers/technology based careers…you can build yourself a great career on the web and make loads of cash!! It does take some courage and time but don’t waste any time…get started right away! Start browsing the web for ways to make money online…(please look out for scams)…and start networking with people online who are already making a living from the web…it’s an absolute sure thing that you will find your way out of nursing on the internet! Let your passion drive you!

  • agonca

    Today, I got home from work balling my eyes out. I’m a surgical nurse In an acute care hospital and I am pretty convinced that I am burning out. Ive been doing this for 5 years and it hasn’t gotten easier. I keep thinking I should go back to school and do something else, but what else would I do? I cant feel this way forever. Nursing is killing my mental stability and the stress is killing me physically too – the past month I have developed heart burn out of nowhere. I have been searching the web for inspiration and I came across your blog. I am so glad that I am not the only nurse who feels this horrible heavy pain inside. Thank you for this blog.